Wednesday, 8 August 2012

J Rocc - Tasters Choice Vol. 6

After a three year hiatus, the underground mixtape series Taster's Choice returns from the Stones Throw/Beat Junkies DJ, J Rocc. The long awaited Volume 6 highlights rare breaks and obscure mixes of African/Reggae music in a collective blend as only the Funky President can assemble

That Reggae Funk
2 in 1
Version 1
Version 2
That Congos Edit
A Fela Joint
A Fela Break
Afro Break 1
Universal Music
More Of That Afro Funk
Reggae Funk Break 1
Funky Reggae
Reggae Funk Break 2
James Brown Cover
I Bought This For $3
Afro Break 2
Let's Slow It Down
Track 18
King Floyd
I Already Had This One
Art Lebeau Classic
Lou Rawls
Alton Ellis
Bill Withers


  1. no comments after two weeks? appaulling.. been a minute since i've had the ol' quality internet access and this is a big welcome back as far as I see.. love me some J. Rocc the spot

    Thanks much as always to the LTBB crew


  2. You are right mate, it takes the piss sometimes!!

    I'm glad you enjoyed it though

  3. Pretty much any j rocc mix is a welcome thing

  4. beautiful this dj is tooo smooth thank you!