Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Serch4beatz - Trials & Tribulations (320kbs)

New mix from S4B....Dedicated to all the people going through hard times, be it mental, spiritual or physical.

01. Plado / Try To Read My Mind
02. Citizen Kane / Black Rain
03. Bad Influence / That's The Way Life Goes
04. Dirty Treats Ft. Praverb The Wyse / Everything Is Broken
05. Exquizite / Daybreak
06. Braintax / Future Years
07. Finsta Bundy / Don't Stress Tomorrow
08. The Nonce / Who Falls Apart?
09. Parallax /  Bleeding Hate (Instrumental)
10. Rip Styles / Afta Midnight
11. MF Grimm / Landslide (Remix)
12. Cream Team / Hustle So Much
13. Polecat / R.I.P.
14. Legacy / That's How I Live
15. Saukrates / Hate Runs Deep (Instrumental)
16. Ill Biskits / God Bless Your Life

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Jazz Spastiks - Ash Grey Mix (320 kbs)

Yeah yeah another dope mix from those Jazz Spastiks chaps...go peep!!!

Stream/download at your pleasure :)


Thrust - Time and Time Again
Natural Elements - Every Day
Natural Elements - I Got Your Heart
D-Stroy & DJ Tony Touch - I Ain't Real
D-Stroy & DJ Tony Touch - Vitamin D (Original version)
Thrust - Seasons In The Sun
Kaotic Style - Hip Hop Jazz
Mass Influence - Rhyme Placement
Livin' Proof - The Fizzo
Mass Influence - A Yo! Atlanta Ya On
D-Stroy & DJ Tony Touch - Off The Wall
Livin' Proof - Who's That
Trauma Center - Rhymes Overflowin'
Thrust - Do You Understand
5 Elementz - You Ain't Fresh
Dynamic Syncopation feat Mass Influence - 2 The Left
D-Stroy & DJ Tony Touch - Ya Don't Stop feat Ching Rock
Kaotic Style - Represent
Kaotic Style - Stick Up
D-Stroy & DJ Tony Touch - Make Noise

Monday, 30 September 2019

Jazz Spastiks - A Nick Wiz Mix (320kbs)

New Jazz Spastiks mix, Nick Wiz productions...D.O.P.E.!!!

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Jazz Spastiks - Sky Blue Mix (320 kbs)

New Jazz Spastiks mix, Brand new mix featuring tracks by D.I.T.C, Ghetto Children, Heavy D, Silky Black and more.

Terror Tongue - Lyrical Threat
Sinsemilla - Confrontations
Heavy D & The Boyz - Yes Y'All
Big Shug Feat Ed O.G - Official
Sho Nuff Feat Vitamin D - Shapelee Utopia
Silky Black - Turn It Up
Lord Finesse - Check the Method Remix
Lord Finesse - True And Livin
Diamond D Feat Sadat X & Lord Finesse - You Can't Front
Ghetto Chilldren - I'm An MC, I'm A DJ
Global Platoon - Crew Family
Laster - One on One
Show & AG - Time For
Show & AG - You Know Now Remix
Sho Nuff - Retrospect
Tizzy T Feat Infinite - 93'-94'
Silky Black - Blow Up
40oz & Amed - Down For The Crown
Silky Black - Step Up And Get Some
Sinsemilla - Don't Think About It
Ghetto Chilldren - Shante's Last Stand
Nice & Smooth - Blazing Hot Remix
Amp Boogie - Out There
C.E.B - Goes Like this
Da Homlez - Where You From B
Amp Boogie - Maintain
Biz Markie - I Hear Music
J-Rock - Streetwize
Shorty Long - Say My Name
D-Smooth - Droppin' Smooth Lyrics
Heavy D & The Boyz - You Can't See What I Can See
Da Homlez - Money Spent

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

DJ Bazooka Joe - 19B Fresh Produce (Easy Mo Bee) (320kbs)

After some studio issues and unfortunate delay I’m back up and running with part 2 of the Fresh Produce I dropped a while back….Mo Easy Mo Bee for you & yours…focusing on some of the later stuff in his catalog with some classic throwbacks tossed in for good measure, I stayed away from the obvious trying to go for the more unknown/unheard so if you’re wondering where’s all the Biggie stuff, Flava in ya Ear, Reprogram Remix, this is why…it’s a tribute not a “best of”…but I did leave some good ones out there for sure…stay tuned for episode 20 coming next, about to hit it hard now that I can function again!

01 – Gza– Words From The Genius
02 – Big Daddy Kane – That’s How I Did’em
03 – Wu-Tang Clan – Take It Back
04 – MC Eight & Dat Nigga Daz – Hit The Floor (Easy Mo Bee Remix)
05 – Ras Kass – Grindin’ ft. Bad Azz
06 – Lost Boyz – Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous (Easy Mo Bee Remix)
07 – Das Efx – Alright
08 – Alkaholiks – Likwidation
09 – Kurupt – Light Shit Up Ft. Buckshot
10 – Krumb Snatcha Mobsters – What’s Life
11 – Guru – Soul
12 – 2Pac – So Many Tears Ft. Stretch (Easy Mo Bee Unreleased Mix)
13 – Marley Marl Ft. Solo – Spazz
14 – Lady Of Rage – Breakdown
15 – Doug E Fresh – It’s On
16 – Queen Latifah – Elements I’m Among
17 – Das Efx – 40 & A Blunt
18 – Big Daddy Kane – Rest In Peace
19 – Gza – Feel The Pain
20 – Miles Davis – The Doo Bop Song Ft. Rappin’ Is Fundamental

DJ Filthy Rich - Ill Al Skratch OFFICIAL Creep Wit Me 25th Anniversary Mix (Hosted by Ill & Al Skratch)

Here's the official Creep Wit Me 25th Anniversary Mix, hosted by Ill Al Skratch.
Features a BRAND NEW exclusive song called 'Learn Today'.

When the sun's out and summer rolls around each year, there's a few things I gotta play.....'Summertime' by Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince, Lost Boyz 'Lifestyles...' LP, and Ill Al Skratch's 'Creep Wit Me' album. The Brooklyn-Uptown connection of Mr Rhaspy Al Skratch and Big Ill The Mack effortlessly rhyme back & forth, droppin fun lyrics over dope beats (courtesy of producers LG The Experience & LoRider). On this mix you'll find their album cuts, some unreleased tracks, and my own custom blends.

Message DJ Filthy Rich on Twitter/Instagram for the download, its only $5!!

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Bad Cop - Boot Camp Favourites (320 kbs)

Bad Cop back again with a new mix....

Black Moon / Reality (Killing Every...)
Black Moon / One-Two
Black Moon / Murder MC’s
Smif-N-Wessun Feat. Top Dog & Starang Wondah / Sound Bwoy Bureill
Heltah Skeltah / Place To Be
Smif-N-Wessun Feat. Rock / Wontime
Black Moon / Buckshots Freestyle Joint
Black Moon Feat. Dru Ha, Havoc & Smif-N-Wessun / U Da Man (DJ Evil Dee Remix)
O.G.C. / X-Unknown
Davey Dex / Throw Ya Handz Up (No Fear Beat)
The Fab 5 / Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka Pt.2
Cocoa Brovaz / Drama
Heltah Skeltah / Boom Bap Bip
Heltah Skeltah / Operation Lockdown
Black Moon / The Streets
Black Moon / Niguz Talk Shit
Black Moon / Powaful Impak!
Boot Camp Clik / Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle 1994
Boot Camp Clik / Wake Up Show Anthem #2

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Serch4beatz - Late Summer Vibes (320 kbs)

Another S4B sure shot, the soundtrack of your summer 2019....

01. K-OS / Rise Like The Sun
02. Citizen Kane / Livin'
03. I Wanna Know
04. Cipha / Rock Rock On....
05. Lo Life / Lo Lifes Are Lo
06. ??? Instrumental
07. War Click / Bullet For A Bullet
08. Trends Of Culture / What I'm Feeling
09. Starvin' Art Clique / Charm City
10. Da Funk / Money
11. ?????
12. Normskola - Half Man Half Amazin'
13. New Testament / Let It Rain (Sunlight)

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Bad Cop - No Gimmicks Rap Shit Part 23 & 24 (320kbs)

One-take mix of underground and independent hip-hop from the 90's including some of my favourite cuts by Foul Play, Big Kwam, Kashal-Tee, Big L, Juggaknots, Joell Ortiz, Pretty Ugly, Chino XL, Adagio!, Declaime, Quasimoto, Frankenstein, Checkmate, Casual, Ras Kass, Mic Geronimo and more…

No theme just gems!

The Creators / Theme From The Creators
Foul Play / Conversation (Demo)
El Sheriffo Feat. Kashal-Tee & Seron / Who's Testin'
Big Kwam / I Don't Give A F... (Original Version)
Big L / Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous
DJ Krush Feat. KK / Rust
Juggaknots Feat. Tony Bones / Luvamaxin
Joell Ortiz Feat. Pretty Ugly / How They Do
Chino XL Feat. Baybe / Coming On Too Strong
Hi Tech / Heartless
Adagio! / The Obvious Joint
Bad Influence / That's The Way Life Goes
Declaime Feat. Quasimoto / Don't Trip
Frankenstein Feat. Checkmate & Concise / Spotlight (Unreleased)
Black-I / Where I'm From
Casual / That's How It Is (Disseshowedo Mix)
Ras Kass / Everything I Love
Tha Alkaholiks Feat. King Tee / Funny Style
Mic Geronimo / Shit's Real (MF Doom Special Blend)

Another one-take mix of underground and independent hip-hop from the 90's / golden era. More of my favourite cuts by Black Moon, Nine, Jamal, Redman, Keith Murray, Rampage, R.A. The Rugged Man, Sadat X, Vakill, Concrete Click, Lord Digga, Adagio!, Juggaknots and more…

Gems for days!

The Creators / What We Live For
Black Moon Feat. Tek / Where It Goez Wrong
Nine / Redrum
Jamal, Redman, Keith Murray & Rampage- Flipmode Squad Meets Def Squad
Rampage / Talk Of The Town
Govna Matic / Family Day
R.A. The Rugged Man Feat. Sadat X / 50,000 Heads
Vakill / Dungeons 2 Rooftops
Nine Feat. A.R.L. Da X'rsis / Ova Confident (Darc Mass Remix)
Concrete Click / Criminal
Rae & Christian Feat. Q-Ball & Curt Cazal / Anything You Want
Lord Digga / Take The Cake
Pete Rock Feat. Deda / Understand?
Shyheim Feat. Snagglepuss, Rubbabandz & Leatha Face / Get Down (Uncensored)
Adagio! Feat. Wisdom / The Meaning
Juggaknots / Leon Phelps
Ground Floor / For The Hustler In You (Demo Snippet)

Also had a few requests for previous Bad Cop - No Gimmicks mixes so I've uploaded them all in on zip file here available for 7 days

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

DJ Mighty Mi - Memorial Day Golden Era Hip Hop Mix on Rock The Bells (SiriusXM) (320kbs)

DJ Mighty Mi, born & raised in Philly & one half of High & Mighty, and co-founder of Eastern Conference Records, brings you this 90-minute mix of Strictly Golden Era Hip Hop.

01. LL Cool J / Get Down
02. PUblic Enemy  -  Rebel Without a Pause (Jorun Bombay Edit)
03. Biz Markie  -  Something for the Radio w/ Big freestyle Live MSG (Mighty Mi Edit)
04. Ultramagnetic MC's / A Chorus Line
05. Ultramagnetic MC's / A Chorus Line w/ Chin Checkin - Watch Out Now (Mighty Mi Edit)
06. The Get Fresh Crew / The Show (Jorun Bombay Edit)
07. Boogie Down Productions / Poetry
08. Poor Rightous Teachers / Shakiyla
09. Naughty By Nature vs. Blind Alley / O.P.P (European Import)
10. A Tribe Called Quest / Can I Kick It (Spirit Mix)
11. Gang Starr / The ? Remainz w/ Phife (Mighty Mi Edit)
12. Main Source / Friendly Game of Baseball
13. Son Of Bazerk / J Dub's Theme w/ Funky Enough (Mighty Mi Edit)
14. Foster Silvers / Misdemeanor (Danny Krivit Edit)
15. EPMD / You're A Customer
16. Das EFX / Microphone Checka (Remix)
17. Dr. Dre & Snoop / Nuthin' But A "G" Thang (Freestyle Remix)
18. Dr. Dre / I Cram To Understand You (Mighty Mi Edit)
19. 2 Much / Wild Thang
20. Zhane KRS One/ Hey DJ w/ Hip Hop vs. Rap w/ Spinbad (Mighty Mi Edit)
21. Nice & Smooth / No Delayin
22. Nas / The Bridge (Mighty Mi Edit)
23. LL Cool J / 4,3,2,1 (Mighty Mi Edit)
24. Brand Nubian / Step To The Rear
25. Grand Puba / Use Me (Mighty Mi Edit)
26. Organized Konfusion / Fudge Pudge
27. RUN DMC / Hollis Crew
28. EPMD & LL Cool J / Rampage (Demo Version)
29. A Tribe Called Quest  / Pubic Enemy (Sat Night Disco Mix)
30. Ghostface Killah / Iron Maiden
31. Last Night -w- Definition (Mighty Mi Edit)
32. Boogie Down Productions / Numero Uno
33. Gang Starr / Just To Get A Rep w/ Cramp Your Style (Mighty Mi Edit)
34. Antoinette / I Got An Attitude
35. Impeach w/ Ice Cube (Mighty Mi Edit)
36. 3rd Bass / Product of the Environment (Marley Remix)
37. Beastie Boys / Hold It Now (Multi Mix) (Mighty Mi Edit)
38. Simon Says w/ Knowledge Me (Mighty Mi Edit)
39. Rodney O & Joe Cooley / DJ's & MC's
40. Eazy E / Radio
41. Slick Rick / The Moment I Feared
42. Eric B. & Rakim / Lyrics of Fury
43. Ultramagnetic MC's / Give The Drummer Some
44. Ice Cube / Gangster Fairytale
45. Gang Starr / Who's Gonna Take The Weight
46. Diamond D / Freestyle (Yo, That's That Shit)
47. Kool G Rap / Road To The Riches

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

DJ Bazooka Joe - #19A - Fresh Produce (Easy Mo Bee) (320kbs)

Another nod to the beatmakers…Easy Mo Bee, easily one of the more overlooked producers from the golden era but he had a crazy attention to detail and knack for great accent samples slipped into the multiple classics he produced. He definitely had one of the most unique sounds of the time and was a go-to producer for Biggie, 2Pac, Craig Mack and more…on top of working with legends like Miles Davis, Slick Rick, Heavy D, Gza, Redman, Big Daddy Kane and his crazy remix work for Ill & Al Scratch, Rakim, 3rd Bass..he laced other legends randomly like Public Enemy, Jesse West, Paula Perry, Busta Rhymes, Positive K & more…


01. Miles Davis Intro/Early 90’s Interview
02. GZA  - Slammin’
03. Big Daddy Kane - Stop Shammin’
04. J-Rock - Let Me Introduce Myself
05. Heavy D - Black Coffee
06. Slick Rick - Cuz It’s Wrong
07. Craig Mack - Mainline
08. Paula Perry  - Down To Die For This ft. Jesse West
09. Rappin’ Is Fundamental - Doo-Hop
10. Ill & Al Skratch - Chill With That (Remix)
11. Wessyde Goon Squad - Paper Chase
12. 3rd Bass - Gladiator (Remix)
13. Jamal - Insane Creation ft. Redman
14. Trendz Of Culture - Make A Move
15. Heavy D - Check It Out
16. Positive K - It’s All Gravy
17. Rakim - Shades Of Black
18. Public Enemy - I Stand Accused
19. Busta Rhymes - Everything Remains Raw
20. Notorious B.I.G. ft. Method Man - The What
21. 2Pac. -  Str8 Ballin’

Saturday, 6 July 2019

DJ Filthy Rich - 90's Canadian Hip Hop Vol. #3

DJ Filthy Rich with the 3rd installement of his 90's all Canadian Hip Hop mixes with some exclusive blends thrown in.

To celebrate Canada Day, here's Vol.3 of my 90's Canadian Hip Hop mix series. If you don't see an artist/track, chances are it was on the previous 2 volumes, or will be appearing on future editions...

Saukrates - Father Time Keeps On Slippin [FILTHY BLEND]
Rascalz - Solitaire
Butta Babees - Second Pair
Choclair - Just A Second (Explicit vinyl-only version)
Asassini - Visions [FILTHY BLEND]
Black-I - Where I'm From
Saukrates ft Xzibit - Keep It Movin
Solitair - No Doubt
Choclair - Flagrant
Michie Mee - On Da Mic [FILTHY BLEND]
Tough Dumplin - Fresh From JA
Kardinal Offishall ft Jully Black, Wio-K, Black Kat, Allistair, Korry Deez - Ol' Time Killin
Redlife - Yagga Yaw
Graphidi Logik - Can I Get A Yo
Manchilde - Get Down Like That
Frankenstein - All Hands [FILTHY BLEND]
Rainmen ft Skandal - Only One Way
Infinite - Take A Look
Point Blank - Thin Line
Ghetto Concept - Hard Copy [FILTHY BLEND]
Diemen X - Ninety Sixness
Sic Sense - Onemantality

DJ Filthy Rich has more info on mixes and exclusive blends on his Instagram page, and if you'd prefer a HQ Download of this mix, feel free to drop him a message on Instagram.

You'll find volumes 1 & 2, Here & Here

Saturday, 22 June 2019

DJ Koco - Hip Hop Mix Show Vol. 1 (320kbs) - REPOST

As requested for a re-up, heres DJ Koco's Hip Hop Mix Show Vol. 1

Surge Handsoftime - Butcher Brody Mixtape (320kbs)

A bit late with this one..its dope so check it if you haven't already!!!

This one here is made for the TRUE HEADS. Like you, Abdullah The Butcher and Bruiser Brody lived by the code of ORIGINALITY. BUTCHER BRODY is an embodiment of their sacrifice. Embrace the cover and bear witness to two of the most revered warriors of their era to ever enter the squared circle. Very few men have risen to their level. Most have fallen.

Stream on Soundcloud, or download below.

Militant Vinylist - Hip Hop Was Better Tomorrow II

New mix from the Militant Vinylist, been a good while since we heard a mix....this one doesn't disappoint, stream on mixloud or download below....Dope shit!!


Features tracks from Coops, MZ Boom Bap & Ill Conscious, Lazy Eyez, Black Josh and DJ Premier, A$ap Ferg, Sleazy F Baby, NFX and many more..

Figure and post in the comments...Go On!!!

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

DJ Muro - King Of Diggin' - Diggin' Solar (320 kbs)

DJ Muro Diggin Solar, No Compilation, No Bootleg...Keep On Diggin'.....

DJ Muro - Elegant Funk Warner Edition (320 kbs)

DJ Muro in the mix, funk and soul.......

Monday, 17 June 2019

Shazam X - Back In Time Pt. 2 (Hip Hop Classics) (320 kbs)

Dope 90's producer with another nice Classic 90's mix, check his Bandcamp for Lost gems and Beat Compilations

Shazam X - Back In Time: Hip Hop Classics (320 kbs)

Shazam X, an underground Hip Hop producer from The Bronx, NY has worked with numerous artists including Lazy I aka SLD, King Sun, Kenny Dope, Johnny P, Smif n Wessun, Percee P, Large Professor, Neek The Exotic, Guru Of Gang Starr, Masta Ace, OC Of D.I.T.C., Group Home, Wu-Tang, Kaotic Style, MOP, Tragedy Khadafi, Cormega, Cella Dwellas, Brand Nubian, Pos/Neg, Sista Act, BigRec, Mic Barz, Shred The Verbal Tongue and Dell G to name a few lol.  He's recently been putting beat compilations and Lost Gems up on his Bandcamp page, so go and cop some of them if you like them, and he's also been putting a couple of mixes out of 90's classics, Part 1 is here for Stream & Download below....enjoy and support!!