Friday, 11 December 2009

DJ Bazarro - Bushwick Day, The Mixtape

I know this has been posted on blogs and websites before, but i can not stress hope dope the music is on this mix from Crazy DJ Bazarro, full of Bushwick bangers!!

1. London to Ny- Rebel Rhyme, Bazarro
2. Change - Shades of Brooklyn- produced by Beatminerz
3. A Day Wit D-rock- Dysfunkshunal Familee- produced by
4. Halloween- Arsonists
5. Feel Da High- Finsta Bundy produced by Finsta
6. Verbal Hostility- Poison Dartsmen -Tray Pound - Dollamentary produced by
7. Men Of War- Splatterhouse
8. Bushwick Residence- Finsta Bundy , Dj PrimeTime
9. Rains it Pours- Shades of Brooklyn- produced by Rich Blak
10. Where Ya At- Finsta Bundy feat Dysfunkshunal Familee produced by Finsta
11. Bushwick Day Freestyle- Unified Nation, Empire produced by
12. BK Broilers- Splatterhouse produced by
13. Tribute to Twills- Empire, Supreme, Snipe , Finsta Bundy,
14. SplatterHouse- Lockness
15. Bushwick Coalition- Red Love, Intel, Finsta Bundy
16. Dysfunkshunal familee freestyle feat World Famous Rod
17. Write Or Wrong Thing- Dysfunkshunal feat Finsta Bundy
18. The Session- Arsonists
19. Us Plus ONe- Dwelling in the Attic- produced by

Download Here


  1. one of my fav mixtapes! some definite sleepers on this one.

  2. Brooklonsfinest27 June 2018 at 07:00

    Please Re Up This! A true requirement for hip hop heads and Bushwick natives!