Monday, 11 July 2011

DJ Premier - Live From HeadQCourterz 8 July

DJ Premier from Friday night......Large Professor & Neek The Exotic in the studio!!

1.  Beanie Sigel–B Boy Shit  (prod. by SK Beats)
2.  Large Professor & Neek The Exotic–New York  (prod. by Carnage)
3.  Tef–4 Tha Love  (prod. by DJ Premier)
4.  Milkcrate Fam–Devil’s Lasso  (prod. by DJ Flatline & Milkcrate Fam)
5.  Large Professor–Key To The City  (prod. by Large Professor)
6.  Large Professor & Neek The Exotic–Main Event  (prod. by Lord Finesse)
7.  Large Professor & Neek The Exotic–Still On The Hustle  (prod. by Large Professor)
8.  Large Professor & Neek The Exotic–My Own Line  (prod. by Marco Polo)
9.  Common (f. Nas)–Ghetto Dreams  (prod. by No I.D.)
10.  NYGz–Last Night  (prod. by DJ Premier)
11.  Apathy–Check To Check  (prod. by Evidence)
12.  Fizzy Womack & Termanology–Too Tough For TV  (prod. by Fizzy Womack)
13.  Kool G. Rap–$ Ova Bitches  (prod. by Marley Marl)
14.  Large Professor & Neek The Exotic–Personal Freak   (prod. by Large Professor)
15.  Riff Raff McGriff–Tell Em  (prod. by Mortis One)
16.  Large Professor & Neek The Exotic (f. Dynasty)–Still On The Hustle (Remix)
17.  K-Rino (f. Dougie D.)–Under The Radar  (prod. by D.J. Kru)
18.  AUTOMatic–The HB’s (f. Sarah Fierek)  (prod. by Knowsum)
19.  Large Professor & Neek The Exotic (f. Fortune, Satchel Page)–Toast Tonite (prod. by Large Pro)
20.  Large Professor & Neek The Exotic (f. Joell Ortiz)–Street Rebel  (prod. by Large Professor)

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