Friday, 25 September 2020

PLEASE READ: Del Soulcondor - GoFundMe

Del 'Soulcondor' Grayston is a bit of a DWG legend, he's managed to get a beat on a DWG release... and came down to London to meet up and worked his way through most of the beers in the Brewdog.... and even though he's not been around these parts he is pretty prolific on twitter and still in contact with some of the 'old' heads

Unfortunately he is now commencing a battle with invasive mouth cancer and could really use our collective support, please, if you have a few £ spare and are able to donate to his GoFundMe page please do it will be much appreciated.

"Del has been an avid Hip Hop fan for many many years and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the subject and often shared his collection to his followers on twitter (@delsoulcondor).
Recently it has become known after diagnosis he has evasive mouth cancer and obviously a huge shock to him, his family and the community. Typically, some thoughts turned to Del's epic Vinyl collection and he expressed concern that he never wanted it to 'end up in charity shops or a skip', wanting them to go to a good Home.
I'm an avid vinyl collector too and it touched me as I have close up experience with cancer both with my mother, father, and sister in recent years.
I wanted to do something to support Del and in this world that sometimes comes down to money. To be clear, Del is not selling his collection and maintains the concern of it going to a good home/homes and thats his business.
This is to raise enough money so that selling the collection remains off the table for good and the money can be used to make him comfortable in his journey and allow him to support his family too.
Thank you for reading and thank you if you can donate too.
One love."

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  1. Superb write up on a top chap that would do the same for you...