Wednesday, 31 May 2023

S4BZ - Rough Mix (320kbs)


Latest mix of Indie joints from S4BZ, you know how he or grab the 320kbs download.


Mike Ock - Who Got It $50 Grand
Da Low Livz / Fam & Squad
Nine / Redrum
Natural Resource / Bum Deal
Mixed Elements - Yah Yah
One Deep / Crime Stories (Inst)
Sadat X / Open Bar Ft. Grand Puba
Mr. Complex - I'm Rhymin (Inst)
Brass Tacks / Star Point Tactics
Lil' Joon / Life
Lord V.I. - Free Cheeze (Inst)
Ground Floor - One Two (Inst)
Down Ta Erf / Ta Each Iz Own
Stezo / Time Ta Blow Ya Mine
Senswif / Maintain (Inst)
Sons Of Sam / Nofin' Nice
Lost Cawz / Hooks
Da Great Deity Dah / Life Or Death
Jam D.O.T. / Queens (Inst)
Two Outta Millions / Supremacy
??? / Are We On


  1. First track is: Mike Ock - Who Got It $50 Grand

  2. After Natural Resource comes: Mixed Elements - Yah Yah

  3. Whattup!! After Sadat n Puba and before brass tacks is the instrumental or tv track of Mr. Complex - I'm Rhymin. Produced by Pharoah Monch. I wish there was a true instrumental without the hook or adlibs!

  4. After stezo is Senswif - Maintain instrumental. Then a couple minutes later i hear Sons Of Sam - Nofin' Nice

  5. Whattup verge, thanks for the track ID's man, appreciated